The Stepmom Summit is an annual virtual event where thousands of stepmoms gather together to learn, bond, and grow.

FACT: No one gets stepmom life like other stepmoms.

At The Stepmom Summit, you’ll learn from the world’s top stepfamily experts AND connect with women who are navigating the same things you are and know exactly what you’re feeling.

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Over 5,000 stepmoms have attended our summits. Here’s what a few of them say:

“I don’t know too many blended families or those that look like mine, so my husband and I felt like we were struggling on our own. From the first presentation of The Stepmom Summit forward, I immediately felt understood! I felt relief and hope! It was also great to have the flexibility to watch the presentations that most interested me and when it fit into my day. I took lots of notes and feel empowered with so many resources.”

“The Stepmom Summit has been life changing in that it opened my eyes to new perspectives and gave me tools for coping. It also gave me an opportunity to connect with other stepmoms and I did not have that before. I look forward the next one! Thank you!”

“The Stepmom Summit helped normalize a lot of the day-to-day chaos and helped me be able to move past the drama and re-focus on my relationship with my husband and stepchild.”

“As a stepmom for 13 years, I expected most of the material to be a “refresher” for me, but whoa was I wrong. I learned a ton of new things, and the speaker lineup was top-noth. I was really blown away by the Summit and finally feel like our needs are (finally!) being heard, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“I’ve always felt left out of the “mom club” as a stepmom. After attending the stepmom summit, I now feel like I am part of an amazing tribe of women who are so strong and make a difference in their families everyday.”

“This summit changed my life. It pulled together all the threads of knowledge I’ve been gathering throughout my stepmom journey, and quilted them all into a beautiful, empowering inner peace. Thank you so much.”

“What can I possibly say about this Stepmom Summit? Firstly, it was AHHMAAAZING! Secondly, the organizer did an outstanding job putting this all together virtually with positivity, inclusivity, love, laughter and knowledge. The speakers were awesome. Thanks ladies for an amazing three days!”

How do you create your happily ever after when you’re raising someone else’s kids?

You found your soulmate, but your knight in shining armor came with kids – and an ex.

No matter how well you think you’ll “blend,” when you join an already-formed family, it’s impossible to fully understand (much less prepare for!) what you’ve signed up for.

“Blending” a family takes a whole lot more than moving in together or taking on a new last name. In fact, it can take years.

You’re doing a lot right. You’re making the meals, doing the school pickups, and throwing birthday parties.

And it feels good each time you pull off a pinterest-perfect birthday party or deliver home-baked brownies to the bake sale for a parenting “win.”

But if you’re being honest . . . you’re not sure what you’re doing will ever be good enough to win over the kids. Or your spouse’s ex.

And deep down, even if you haven’t admitted it to yourself yet, you wonder if all this effort is even worth it.

We’ve got your back. Give us 3 days and we’ll help you find the stepmom life you’ve been yearning for.

We get it. Because we’ve been there, too.

The Stepmom Summit will help you calm your blended family chaos and begin to thrive.

Past Speakers

The Stepmom Summit connects attendees with the top stepfamily experts in the world.

A few of our past speakers include:

Dr. Patricia Papernow, Author & Top Stepfamily Expert

Jamie Scrimgeour, Host of the Kick-Ass Stepmom Podcast

Naja Hall, Blended & Black, VIP Stepmom

Nina Purewal, Bestselling Author

Susie Moore, Bestselling Author

Kristen Skiles, Stepmomming

Michelle Dempsey, Moms Moving On

Megan Hunter, CEO, High-Conflict Institute

Dr. Larry Ganong, Stepfamily Expert, Professor Emeritus Univ. of Missouri

Christina Nelson, Radical Stepmom Podcast

Kit Rich, Celebrity Trainer, Filmmaker

Anita Inglis, Founder, Institute of Step-Family Dynamics

Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Cameron! And my passion is helping stepmoms like you not just survive stepfamily life, but actually love your stepmom role. I’m a stepmom of four, one with special needs, and I’ve been exactly where you are.

My first year of stepmom life was tough. Like close the closet door and cry by myself on the floor tough.

I felt like no one could understand what I was going through, and I didn’t have many stepmom friends to talk to.

I was trying my hardest, but I just felt overwhelmed and alone. And I wondered what the heck I had gotten myself into.
I realized that something had to change, but I had no idea where to start.

I couldn’t find the resources I needed online, and nothing seemed to really apply to my situation, so I decided to do a deep dive and become a certified stepfamily coach.

And not only did I figure out how to get my peace back as a stepmom, but I realized I wanted to help others do the same.

I’m also the CEO of Stepfamily Solutions, where we support stepmoms and stepfamilies through Stepfamily Magazine, the Stepfamily Circle membership, and the Stepmom Diaries podcast.

Hop on the Summit waitlist so you can be the first in the door to join me and more than 20 stepfamily experts for a one-of-a-kind event that will help you finally love your stepmom life.

I can’t wait to see you at the Summit!