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The Summit May Be Over, But You're Not Too Late!

What if you could still watch the Summit whenever you want - with access to all of its tools forever? All at a crazy discount!

What if you could watch the Summit whenever you want - plus get more than $2,000 in bonuses?


The 2022 Stepmom Summit was jam-packed with more than 21 top experts and amazing speakers who passed on everything they have learned about thriving in stepfamily life.

But let's face it, as a stepmom, we know you are already overwhelmed. Especially right around the time school is starting back up for the kids. You're busy, so you deserve options. You deserve help that won't leave you MORE stressed out!

What if you could extend the time that all these amazing experts are available to you? So that you could access them anytime you want.

That's Where Our Extended Access Passes Come In.

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Once you have one of these passes in your hot little hands, you'll be able to take your time soaking up all of these tools and tips so you can really focus on creating a happier stepmom life. You'll be able to revisit the presentations anytime you want.

PLUS you'll get hundreds of dollars of bonuses from our speakers that you can't access anywhere else.

Implementing what you'll learn at the Stepmom Summit is a process, and we want it to feel organic and lasting. That's why we're offering these extended passes: to give you all the time and all the support you need.

With The Stepmom Summit Extended Passes, You Will Get...

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The Foundations Pass

  • · Ongoing access to all 21 presentations ($1997 value)
  • · Printable workbook to take notes during the summit ($29 value)
  • Transcripts of each presentation ($380 value)

The Ultimate Access Pass

  • · Ongoing access to all 21 presentations ($1997 value)
  • · Printable workbook with additional speaker content ($49 value)
  • · Transcripts of each presentation ($380 value)
  • · Premium bonus content from our speakers, including exclusive access to workshops and courses never offered before (full details below) ($2000+ value)

Ultimate Access Pass Bonuses Include:

In addition to all that you get as part of the Foundations Pass, if you purchase the Ultimate Access Pass, you'll also receive these premium bonuses:


Calm Over Chaos Course For Stepmoms

Beth McDonough

Get all the tools you need to finally start feeling like a high vibe, low conflict, badass stepmom. With 10+ videos, workbooks for each module that include exercises so you can immediately apply the materials to your everyday life. Regardless of your stepfamily structure, dynamic, or conflict level, all of the content will speak directly to you and your most common stressors.

Regular Price: $399


Childless Stepmom Academy Self-Paced Course

Kristen Skiles

In this powerful program you'll learn how to understand and cope with the complicated feelings of being a childless stepmom, how to deal with second wife insecurities, and cope with the fact that you missed out on some of your partner’s “firsts", the two types of reactions when someone says you’re not a “real” mom, how to approach the “ours baby” conversation without feeling triggered or experiencing resentment, and how to identify what makes your role as a stepmom so wonderful and unique!

This self-paced course includes and workbook, inspiring affirmations, journal prompts, and self care ideas too!

Regular Price: $149


Get The Ex Out Of Your Home - And Your Head! Course

Anita Inglis

Take control of your home and get the ex out of your head with this new course presented by the Institute of Step-family Dynamics. Videos, workbooks, discussion forums, and direct input from Institute founder Anita Inglis. Bring peace and calm back into your world.

Regular Price: $299

Ultimate Access Pass holders get access to this fabulous course for only US$149 - that's a 50% discount!

The BLENDED Family Formula For Stepmom Success

Cameron Normand

You'll receive a 30% discount on registration for the BLENDED Family Formula For Stepmom Success course. This six-week intensive will give you the confidence and tools to know you can tackle every blended family challenge that comes your way.

Regular Price: Core Program $297; Gold Program $497


Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Reading

Ali Wilks

If you have been feeling stuck, in doubt, or spinning your wheels and need creative solutions call upon the elements to join you and provide you clear insights on next steps to move you forward. Client will have an intuitive card reading with coaching guidance (45 minutte session) to support them with creative and intuitive answers for challenges, issues, questions or worries they might be carrying preventing them from feeling at peace and in flow.

Regular Price: $150

BethMcDStepmom Sanity Saver

The Stepmom Sanity Saver Kit

Beth McDonough

Most stepmoms have trouble setting boundaries, not only because they feel selfish, but because they misunderstand what boundaries truly are.

This bundle will teach you the basics so you can start setting healthier boundaries today.

Regular Price: $75


My Empowerment Journal

Ali Wilks

This Ebook includes journal prompts, visualization exercises, a week worth of intention setting, affirmations, daily self care tracking and inspirational quotes to inspire and ignite your mothering (and stepmothering) hopes, wishes and dreams. Included is a recorded, guided meditation for self love.

Regular Price: $33


Change Your Story, Change Your Life! 

Jessica Frew

Remember those quizzes you took in magazines as a teen? This is basically like that except for adults! And gets you answers that are actually helpful and applicable to your life. Take this quick 7 questions quiz to see how much (and where) you are "Shoulding" on yourself.

Regular Price: $17


The Stepmom (Financial) Survival Toolkit

Cameron Normand

Finances can be complicated in any family - but add in stepfamily dynamics and all of a sudden the challenges get real.

The Stepmom (Financial) Survival Toolkit will give you the worksheets, checklists, and conversation starters to make sure you're thinking through the scenarios you might face, you're having the hard discussions, and you're protecting all of your hard-earned assets.

Regular Price: $27

Free Checklist Drama Trama (1)

The High-Conflict Coparenting Guide

Naja Hall

 Coparenting with a balanced person can be difficult BUT trying to coparent with an unbalanced, HIGH CONFLICT person can unearth old wounds and unhealed trauma. Watching your children or stepchildren have their childhoods disrupted by their own parent can cause endless frustration. This 37-page ebook is packed with tools, tips, and resources to help you navigate the complexities of coparenting conflict.

Regular Price: $20


The Evil Stepmother Speaks Book

Barb Goldberg

One Free Book, The Evil Stepmother Speaks, along with an audio class of Barb teaching the first 7 chapters.

Regular Price: $20


Just Us Girls! Stepmom + Stepdaughter Guided Journal

Kristen Skiles

Stepmomming's guided, shared journal contains 30+ activity pages to build your bond with your stepdaughter. It has everything from silly fill-in-the-blank daydreams to bare-your-soul opportunities for conversation – everything girls love to talk about. It also includes a blank lined sheet, which you can print as many times as necessary for some good old-fashioned journaling.

This product is a digital download, which means if there is an activity (or ten) that you adore, you can print as many copies of it as you like!

Regular Price: $20


When The Ones We Love Don't Love Our Boundaries

Anita Inglis

Boundary setting can be scary and overwhelming, especially when we get push back from our loved ones. This ebook is filled with tips on how to set boundaries in a calm and gentle way and deal with people not liking our boundaries. Along with helpful techniques, there are workbook exercises to help you skill build.

Regular Price: $10

That's almost $1,500 in bonuses - and we're not done adding more!

But Here's The Thing: These Prices Are ONLY Available For The Next 20 Minutes.

Then They Go Away. Forever.

After that, you can still purchase the passes — but never again at this massive discount!

"I thought I would just watch a couple of presentations with the free pass, but it was so good that I purchased the Ultimate Access Pass!"  -- Jennifer, 2021 Attendee

Here's what stepmoms like you have to say about our speakers:

"It's really helpful to know I'm not nuts. That others have some of the same feelings and arguments I'm having. Beth's group sessions especially help me see how it is for other stepmoms. And we get to talk in a safe space."           - Karen

"Cameron gave us a constant flow of positive support along with tangible guidance so we could find personalized solutions. I also made great connections with other stepmoms, which showed me I’m not alone and helped me feel even more supported." - Amber

“Since Jessica’s story is so unique you may want to dismiss her relatability. However . . . I found so much valuable content about love, self acceptance and relationships, regardless of the circumstances. Can’t wait for more!"

In just an hour, Dr. Conley kept her audience engaged and taught practical strategies that could be immediately utilized and applied not only to parent-child relationships but for students and staff. She has a heart for young children and wants to see healthy functioning families. We will be seeking Dr. Conley's services again in the future.

- Dr. Melissa V. Morris, Supervisor of Student Services, Calvert County Public Schools

Coaching with Kristen has changed my life! Through our one-on-one coaching, I have been able to step into my role as a stepmom with newfound confidence and peace. Kristen is very knowledgeable, supportive, and relatable. She offers small but powerful shifts which have allowed me to become the wife and stepmom I desire to be. I left each session feeling empowered and excited to apply what I had learned. My family life is much more peaceful, fun, and fulfilling as a result of our sessions. I highly recommended Kristen and am very grateful I chose to pursue working with her. - Betty

Brittany’s program, The Stepmom Story, saved my stepfamily and my relationship not only with my partner but my relationship with myself. I am so much happier now that I have coping mechanisms and healthy boundaries in place. This journey has been so much deeper than just becoming a better stepmom though. I’ve become the best version of myself in all aspects in my life.

"Yvonne is amazing! She lays it all out on the table...her impact took me from where I was to the person I always dreamed I could be." -Tamara H.

Working with Ashley was life changing! She shifted my perspective on things I’ve been struggling with for years. I’ve been able to take action and move forward in areas of my life where I’ve been stuck since before my divorce. I’m so grateful for all the tools I learned from Ashley.

Barb saved our family and my heart from breaking.” *Ophelia

"I do not have enough words of praise for Wendy’s insights, presentation skills, and willingness to share to help others! Her level of knowledge of self and self-actualization is remarkable.” - Attorney, Holland & Knight, program attendee

“Thank you, Maarit, for saying everything that I've been trying to explain to my partner for years. It feels like you're a close friend that truly gets my situation (narcissist ex baby mama during a dragged on divorce filled with soap opera drama). You have made me feel a lot less alone in this world for the first time as it's very hard for people outside the situation to truly understand what I'm going through. Thank you for explaining the rationale and solutions to dealing with someone like her. Thank you.”

Kimberly, I have to be honest, until this morning during our session, I didn't like the fact that my SDs called me by my first name. To me, it was just a constant reminder of the blended family blues I have to live through. BUT when you said, they call me KIMMY because that's my name" it was a HUGE reality check for me. This entire time I was giving too much into something that doesn't need to drain my energy. You helped me see past it!

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